“Productivity is about energy and focus… not time.”

LaQuaye Glover-Tay

BSc., M.Arch, AGIA

Senior Architect

A passionate architect with exceptional interests in creative design solutions. Before life as an architect, LaQuaye explored the creative arts and developed skills in dance, visual art, music, and public speaking. She translates these into design by focusing on experiential impacts that aim at uplifting the spirits of users while incorporating sustainable design techniques. Being a self-motivated designer, she buttresses her creative skills with advanced knowledge in contract administration, project management, site operations, feasibility studies, BIM, and several design software which earned her the highest score in Post-Contract Practice in the Ghana Institute of Architects’ Professional Practice Examination, 2015

LaQuaye is currently a senior architect at Incept Architectural Consult where she leads on projects ranging from small-scale family home designs to mid-rise mixed-use urban infill developments. Outside the office, she spends time on architecture tourism, supporting volunteer work and public speaking on green design. She also enjoys diving into domestic DIY projects and landscaping at her free time.

+233 209016139
[email protected]