"Always set your limits far beyond what you can see, different galaxies if you may. You will find out in no time that the sky is limitless and reaching for the stars is something you can easily accomplish."

Julian Fritzal Abban

BSc., M. Arch, A.G.I.A.


Julian has been passionately driven by architecture and the concept of space since his early years. This has been constantly expressed through his visually-centered approach to design revolving around imagination and creativity. As a child Julian had a myriad of interests ranging from reading and writing fantasy novels, poems, drawing maps and creating city layouts, and constantly attempting to craft and build artefacts out of household items. He pursued architecture as a way to bridge his interests after learning that architecture was connected to all other expressions of art.

Julian began working with Incept in Accra during his 3 months 2017 internship after his undergraduate degree in Architecture which then turned into a yearlong gap year employment after which he pursued his master’s in architecture. He returned to Incept in 2020 and has played an instrumental role in the inception and the construction process of some of the firm’s major projects. Julian was a key player in the Brenville Project, a contemporary smart house designed and built by Incept located in the heart of Accra, Ghana. The project went on to win 2 International Property Awards; Best Architecture Single Residence, Ghana and a Five Star Rating for Best Residential Property, Ghana.

Julian maintains a pragmatic design philosophy, seeing design as both an answer and solution to a series of questions rather than an end product to a dogmatic process. An avid reader with a strong obsession for learning, exploring unfamiliar ideas and an advocate for critical design thinking, he enjoys discussions centered around objective truths, right and wrong and the dichotomy between science and religion, the latter of which he sees no reason for a rift. He is excited about the future of everything with science and technology at the forefront of this. His hobbies include photography and reading.

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