Harold Vandycke


Construction Technician

Harold is a seasoned construction technician with over fifteen years’ experience working on multiple scales of projects. He has been involved in residential, industrial and aviation construction that have all culminated in making him one of the most versatile and valuable team players at Incept. A master at due diligence and following best practices, he pays attention to every little detail in production drawings and makes sure site procedures are managed to accommodate the specific demands from the architect. He has proven over the years to be a reliable technician who goes beyond his technical capabilities to do more with his diligence, trustworthiness, and punctuality.

Beside the long list of projects he has worked on, Harold takes a lot of pride to have participated as an essential team member in the construction of the Swissport at the Kotoka International Airport, Emerald House at Roman Ridge, and the MainOne Data Center at Appollonia City.

He is a sports lover and mostly involved in football and track and field.

+233 (0) 266272935