“Architecture is creating the framework for our Present, to give form to a visual Future, with images of our Past.”

David Gifat Ebow Ampiaw

B. Arch


While in university, David accumulated 7 months of practical experience within several architectural firms which offered him a breadth of opportunities in understanding and taking projects from conception to completion.

He is an open minded and energetic person with an appetite for hard work a zeal to explore new solutions and push boundaries. His interests include, solving puzzles, playing chess, video games, volleyball, travelling and reading. He believes it is the duty of young architects to research and investigate new materials and architectural variables to develop construction methods that provides for the needs of the future. He beliefs studying the technical ideas of past civilisations from people such as Palladio that already reinvented themselves by looking at the past can lead to solutions of present problems. If art deals with truth, he believes Palladio’s aesthetics can be transformed into a sustainable solution for the world.

His achievements include undergoing the 2016 Leadership Diary Training Program, was an Executive member of CEO Afrique, an Event Organizing Group at Central University, winner of Edge Affordable Housing (Median Edition) 2018, and appointed Organizing Secretary of ASAG-Central University in 2019.

+233 59 402 1122
[email protected]