Daniel Kumah


Site Engineer

As a highly capable individual with a strong technical background, Daniel possesses a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and methods in the construction industry. From an early age he has always been a hands-on person with a knack for fitting things together and helping to solve practical problems. He developed an interest in how buildings are constructed and the details involved when he was a teenager. In school this interest led him to choose subjects that included elements of construction and engineering. Working on a wide array of projects, he takes delight in utilizing mathematics, natural sciences, and common sense to design and build things that work.

He believes that engineers, more than other professionals, have a better opportunity to shape and manipulate the world and its systems in a way that works best for the human condition and its associated elements in nature. He aspires to build a reputation in effecting change through his work and to ultimately work on large-scale, technically demanding projects that build the life support system of modern communities. He has always been an advocate of environmental sustainability and wants to use his experience and professionalism to safely deliver carbon neutral, sustainable, high quality construction projects on time and within budget.

+233 (0) 50 977 6134