“The future of our cities and our wellbeing are dependent on the practical architectural decisions we make today - there is no disconnect between the present and the future.”

Archibald Oko Tibboh

BSc, M. Arch, AGIA

Senior Architect

Archibald is recognized for his design practicality, attention to details, and his affinity to aesthetic representation in the last seven years of his professional career. He is a problem solver who views architecture as a viable solution to everyday social problems. His approach to design engages in a process that responds to the needs of clients and the urban context entirely. His designs aim to make the most of available space while maintaining a high level of usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

Archibald started his architectural career as an intern at Incept, assisting with client consultations, site inspections, material selection for projects, and consulting with other industry professionals. He progressed through the ranks of junior architect to the senior architect position he holds now. Archibald has worked on a variety of projects including commercial, industrial, and multifamily residential developments. Most recently, he has been significantly involved in the design and construction of a Data Centre for one of West Africa's most popular brands. Archibald is proficient in architectural software that goes beyond just 3D modeling and visualization but also energy analysis software that is used to forecast potential energy consumption requirements of buildings. A natural gardener as his colleagues consider him, he likes to learn about ornamental plants and landscaping skills in general.

Archibald is a team player who is open to constructive criticism and enthusiastic about any opportunities to advance his profession.

+233 207766742
[email protected]