"Design is an intellectual opportunity to challenge existing thought and set new paradigms that will engender newer ways of thinking."

Ansbert Monah Abobo

BSc., MEDes, A.G.I.A.

Senior Architect

Architecture, urban design, and sustainability form the backdrop of Ansbert’s academic and professional careers. He has over 9 years experience in architectural design with strong technical skills in the application of CAD software for generating design solutions and has a keen interest in keeping up with the evolution of technology in the design and construction industry. A product of an interdisciplinary programme, his approach to design takes a divergent path that specifies pertinent questions intended to aid in solving large-scale design problems. He has built a solid repertoire for confronting mixed-use, mixed-income, and transit-oriented development projects that converge to develop social and economic benefits for individuals and communities while dedicating considerable attention to the sustenance of natural capital at the same time.

Ansbert envisages a future of “diminishing spaciousness” when designers begin to explore the optimization of space to make provision for only what is necessary. He hopes to collaborate with others to develop ideas that eliminate dead unused spaces in the design process in an attempt to reduce the demand for excessive construction materials, minimize the energy requirement for heating and cooling excess spaces, and the ultimate goal of reducing human impact on the environment. He believes architecture has substantial stakes in the collective quest for sustainable development and its role can be bolstered right from the rudimentary stages of conceptualizing space.

Outside architecture, Ansbert takes delight in watching sports, sightseeing, reading, and playing scrabble.

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