“Design is not just what it looks and feels like… Design is how it works.”

Annabelle Naa Kordai Addy


Intern Architect

A creative and innovative junior architect with special interests in music, tourism, photography, and art. Annabelle has a 3-year educational experience in the visual arts, pre-technical drawing, model building and craftsmanship ultimately providing groundbreaking solutions for a major urban design project in Tema. Being a goal driven and self- motivated designer, she explores her skills with great marketing and presentation skills. Her design philosophy fuses functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability while focusing on creating spaces that inspire and enhance the human experience to reduce the adverse ecological impacts caused by the built environment.

Annabelle is currently a junior architect at Incept Architectural Consult where she practices and provides design solutions on projects ranging from residential buildings, commercial buildings as well as interior architecture. Outside the office, she enjoys spending time on site, making music, and traveling.

[email protected]